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MicroPro Preserved Timber

What is MicroPro?

MicroPro is a brand name for timber that has been preserved by the correct application of an Osmose MicroPro wood preservative.  Application of the micronized copper preservative is carried out in a controlled treatment process using vacuum pressure impregnation, in accordance with BS 8417. Treated micronized timber is protected against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.

Looks Different, Because It Is Different!

New Technology Unlike current preservative formulations, MicroPro technology introduces the copper into the timber cells in a micronized solid format. This results in a premium preservative which is ideal for use in residential and commercial environments were aesthetic and environmental standards are paramount.


When micronized timber is freshly treated it is lighter in colour than traditional treated timbers. It has the unique advantage of weathering to an attractive honey tan shade before going driftwood grey.

Advantages of Micro Pro treated wood

  • Lighter “Natural” colour.
  • More natural wood appearance.
  • Because of its lighter colour - Better stainability.
  • Better corrosion protection for exterior fasteners and hardware.
  • MicroShades® - Innovative micronized pigment colour choices. Pressure treated wood colour cedar.
  • End uses include interior and exterior above ground, ground contact, and fresh water immersion.
  • Approved for aluminium contact Building code compliant. ICC - ES Reports, ESR-1980 and ESR-2240.
  •  Maintenance Free pressure treated
  • Child and play area safe indoor or outdoor (Greengaurd Certified)
  • Environmentally friendly


The revolutionary MicroPro pressure treated wood technology offers corrosion characteristics similar to that of untreated treated wood. MicroPro pressure treated wood is fresher and brighter with a more modern appearance, plus offers the option of MicroShades® “in a Cedar Honey/Brown colour.

We care about the environment and treat all our sheds with micro pro to ensure longevity and a comfortable clean environment for you and your kids. For more information visit:

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