Delivery Service

Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions about delivery of our garden sheds.
For more information on our delivery service please don't hesitate to contact us on 056 771 2452

What is the lead time for delivery of a gardensheds4less garden shed?

Upon placing your order for one of our garden sheds, a member of our sales team will call or email you within 48hrs in relation to the delivery of your garden shed.

Can I request a particular day or date for my garden shed delivery?

It is possible to request a particular day for your delivery however this normally changes the lead time as we have to arrange other orders to your area for the same day and date. Our delivery support team can advise and help you with this.

Can I change the delivery date if I am not available?

Delivery dates may be changed. It is normal procedure for us to contact you up to 48 hrs before your delivery is to be shipped.

What do i need to have on site for my delivery?

Upon delivery of your garden shed we require ease of access and can request additional help in the case of a one person delivery. However if you avail of our fitting service we normally handle all the moving and installation of all your delivered shed parts.

Can I have delivery of my garden shed after 5pm?

In some cases we can accommodate late delivery times. Our Delivery Support Staff can advise of what we can do to help you in this situation.

What hours do you deliver between?

We normally deliver between 7am and 5pm daily.

What happens if there are parts missing from my delivery?

All our sheds are checked before they are shipped. However, in the event that you have missing parts we will have them shipped to you within 5 working days. Please note that all extra parts or changes to your shed should be clearly stated on your order before you agree to it's terms.

Can your sheds be delivered through a house?

Most of our sheds can be manufactured to pass through a house, in the event of a through house delivery you should contact our delivery support for more information.